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Dance Across the Web this Week

Did you guys see this history of hip hop dance yet? (above) Jimmy Fallon has been pulling out all the stops this week for his new show and I’m loving this new video with Will Smith.

Also worth checking out are these two pieces on dancers and injuries. The first, a listing of common dance injuries. The second, a new study scientists are conducting where they map a dancer’s body as she moves to pinpoint injury hotspots. Turns out this is much more effective than an MRI because the body is in motion at the time of the scan.

And finally, a nice piece from Dance Advantage on why dance education is great for children’s brains.

Dance Kelly Style on: As Seen On


Dance recital videos. I watched them a million times when I was a kid. There were certain numbers that got the special Kelly treatment and got played over, and over, and over again. It’s actually surprising there’s still any video left on that tape. While that was the problem years ago, things couldn’t be more different now. It’s not that nobody’s watching. It’s that Every Single Person is watching.

Now, you can watch dance any time you want. Just “youtube it.” Record yourself on your phone and play back to correct mistakes. DVR the next episode of Dance Moms/So You Think You Can Dance/Dancing With the Stars. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find it, almost immediately.

With “As Seen On”, the goal is to highlight some of those dance moments as seen on TV, the internet, movies, commercials and more. All tipsters, just get in touch.