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Spotlight on: Colleges of the Fenway Dance Project

I know I’ve been a little off the grid these past few weeks, but as all dance teachers know, spring is a busy time of year. And even with only two classes, I still found myself busier than ever the past few weeks. Costumes, rehearsals, lighting, etc. And here’s the end result. My level 1/2 jazz group opened our spring show and my level 1/2 tap closed the show. (It gets a little blurry in jazz for a minute but it comes back, wait for it!)

I couldn’t be prouder. Thanks to all the students who gave it their all this semester.

And, for any prospective college students in the Boston area, if you want to find out more about the Colleges of the Fenway Dance Project, get in touch or check out the details.

Backstage at the Boston Ballet

Boston Ballet by Hogger&CoConfession. I didn’t see The Nutcracker this holiday season. Tell me I’m not alone. It’s something I would make a holiday tradition, but the best time of the year always seems to be the busiest too. Right? Well, if you didn’t make it to the ballet, lucky for you my friend and amazing photographer, Smita Jacobs, did. She got backstage access to capture a live production of the Boston Ballet‘s rendition of this classic ballet. Check it out and head over to Hogger & Co. to see her complete night at the ballet! Boston Ballet by Hogger&CoBoston Ballet by Hogger&CoBoston Ballet by Hogger&CoBoston Ballet by Hogger&CoBoston Ballet by Hogger&Co

An Invitation to the Dance, KellyStyle

Perfect Fit in HollywoodSome people say that you don’t choose dance. It chooses you. I believe it.

Hi. I’m Kelly. And I’m a third-generation dancer. And a fourth-generation dance enthusiast. I, like many dancers, grew up in the shadow of the barre. In the dance studio, watching my grandmother, grandfather and mother share their passion for dance before I started teaching my own students. I guess you can say, it’s in the genes.

Though currently exploring a writing career, I aim to reconnect with the dance in a greater way. The hours in the studio. Mostly dancing. But also waiting, watching, growing and making lifelong connections.

You know that phrase “once a ___, always a ___”? I don’t know that it could be more true.

I hope you’ll stay tuned in (and turned out) for featured dancers, music ideas, teacher tips, competition profiles, product reviews and more. At any time, if you think of anything you’d like to see, just let me know.

Let’s get started.