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Dance Across the Web this Week

Did you guys see this history of hip hop dance yet? (above) Jimmy Fallon has been pulling out all the stops this week for his new show and I’m loving this new video with Will Smith.

Also worth checking out are these two pieces on dancers and injuries. The first, a listing of common dance injuries. The second, a new study scientists are conducting where they map a dancer’s body as she moves to pinpoint injury hotspots. Turns out this is much more effective than an MRI because the body is in motion at the time of the scan.

And finally, a nice piece from Dance Advantage on why dance education is great for children’s brains.

An Invitation to the Dance, KellyStyle

Perfect Fit in HollywoodSome people say that you don’t choose dance. It chooses you. I believe it.

Hi. I’m Kelly. And I’m a third-generation dancer. And a fourth-generation dance enthusiast. I, like many dancers, grew up in the shadow of the barre. In the dance studio, watching my grandmother, grandfather and mother share their passion for dance before I started teaching my own students. I guess you can say, it’s in the genes.

Though currently exploring a writing career, I aim to reconnect with the dance in a greater way. The hours in the studio. Mostly dancing. But also waiting, watching, growing and making lifelong connections.

You know that phrase “once a ___, always a ___”? I don’t know that it could be more true.

I hope you’ll stay tuned in (and turned out) for featured dancers, music ideas, teacher tips, competition profiles, product reviews and more. At any time, if you think of anything you’d like to see, just let me know.

Let’s get started.