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Dancing is about so much more than just moving your body. It’s about telling a story, releasing your energy and sharing your love with whomever your audience happens to be. Today, those stories and audiences live online as much as they live on any stage or in any theater.

DanceKellyStyle.net is a dance website for dance students, parents, enthusiasts, teachers and professionals to share what they know and learn something new.

Dancers get insights from teachers on training, from judges on competition and from professionals on taking it to the next level.

Dance teachers get ideas and support from other teachers, resources for their studio and marketing tips so they can earn more money.

Dance Kelly Style focuses on styles like tap, ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance that are being taught in dance studios across the country. 

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It’s as much as a website as it is a feeling. The Dance Kelly Style website provides tools, tips, inspiration and resources for dance training and teaching. The Dance Kelly Style feeling is a motivation that’s been driving one family to make people smile since the 1920s.

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Photo by Kara Kolchalko

That’s me, Kelly. I come from a family where dancing is a way of life. I trace my dancing lineage through my mother, an accomplished dancer, teacher and studio owner; my grandparents, both with the same resumes; my great uncle, the late Gene Kelly; and even my great-grandmother, who ran the Gene Kelly Studio of Dance in the 1930s in Pittsburgh and Johnstown, PA.

Kelly received a BA from Oklahoma City University and a MS from Boston University. She has written professionally for 10 years for many clients, including Dance Spirit. Kelly has performed in various regional productions throughout the country and on-screen in feature-length film Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench. In addition, her choreography has received accolades throughout the southern US. In the studio, Kelly believes in challenging dancers to become both organized, creative individuals as well as skilled technicians. Above everything, she believes that dance should be fun for and accessible to all.